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A Book of Allah SWT

There is no conflict among Muslims of all sects to learn Quran. They all are agreed to learn and get the knowledge of the Quran. Thus, to learn Quran is mandatory normally in most of them but exceptions are always there. There are millions of Muslims who want to learn Quran with tajweed themselves or want to make theirkids perfect in Quran recitation but due to unavailability of qualified Quran learningonline quran tutor at their place they are deprived to do so!


The Internet technology has abolished all types of barriers in traveling information and learning processes andLearn Quran online program is one of them! At we have hired an experienced team of skilled tutors who have studied the Quran for many years and are reputed enough in the field of Quran teaching.


Moreover, they are provided special training regarding Quran tutoring before taking regular classes. Thus, we have made it easy to learn to read Quran for every one! With our alliance, you can Quran learning in the comfort of your home without any form of hassles and troubles!


How learn Quran works?


Learn Quran program is much simple and easier to follow. We have arranged interactive classes in which teacher and student are free to decide the level of commencement. Tutor suggests the student according to his level. At a pre-decided time, teacher and student come online. By using Internet technology, they communicate with each other and with the help of computer screen sharing software they can see the same lesson on their computer screen during class. Our Quran Learning Courses:

Learn Quran Online

1 to 1 Tutoring

Benefits of Online Quran Learning:

* Inexpensive and affordable
* Easy and convenient
* Interactive way
* Time saving
* Teacher student evaluation
* Student centered study
* Choice of language done by student
* Free trail classes to assess teacher
* No registration/ admission fee
* Class timing of your choic
* Learning under the custody of highly trained and qualified Quran tutors

We are offering many courses according to the need of our valuable customers. We have hired a team of well qualified and expert Quran tutors. They are able to teach different courses in many languages. Some most common course are mentioned below here.

* Basic Quran Qaid
* Learn Quran with tajweed
* Quran Memorization
* Quran translation and Tafsee
* Interpretation of Islamic concepts

Basic Quran Qaida

This is an initial course in which student gets knowledge about the basic rules of language and tajweed. He knows the identification of movements and combination of the words.

Learn Quran with tajweed:

In this course, all the efforts are put to improve the true accent of Arabic. All rules of tajweed are taught to students.

Quran Memorization and Translation:

In this course, students are directed to learn Quran by heart. Many of our students are continuing to memorize the whole Quran. In Tafseer course, our tutors focus on translation, interpretation and easy understanding of quran. It enables them to understand what Quran addresses to them.

* Well qualified and expert learn Quran tutor
* No registration / admission fee
* Affordable and convenient
* Free 3 days trial before you start regular classes
* Easy learn Quran while staying at your home
* Availability of timing at your own choice
* Learn Quran classes are available 24/7
* Quran Learning online Academy (with four years of experience)
* Power and internet backups are availabl
* Usage of high quality paid software, unlike others, who use free