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Rush for the Real Harbor, O’ Fragile Being

When it all began?

Since the initiation of life on this Earth, human beings have evolved in their ideologies about the formulation of Earth, settlement of Universe and their upheld beliefs about celestial bodies. Earth was eventually identified as a planet rotating around the sun; gradually, this belief got replaced by the understanding that Earth was basically a star, indifferent to others and only visible through a primitive telescope. The superiority of the Earth which was formally established by ancient researchers was crushed with this certainty.

A well-grounded immortal myth being explored lately is that human beings make use of only 10% of their brains and scientists are predicting what happens if these unused areas are employed to their full potential. The discovery and exploitation of the rest 90% of a brain would indeed culminate in chaotic consequences; all of which could not be imagined by the human beings, at present.

The Supreme Designer:

Allah SWT created human body in an immaculate fashion, ensuring that all areas are intact with effective operational capabilities. And, in order to establish balance as well as to evaluate the capacity of certainly selected personnel, He integrates specific abnormalities in their body. These disabled people are found commonly in our society and we can never imagine being in their place. How would you feel if you were without a leg and you cannot move to the washroom next door? How would you be able to view your loved ones, develop affection for them or read and experience the wonders of the world if, god forbid, you were visually impaired? Or, how demeaning would life be if you were without an arm?

Despite all the knowledge about the uncertainty of life and mortality; human cognition fails to acknowledge the consequences of their greed, lust, thirst for power and maintenance of social status.

Take out some time to reflect:

At this point, I would request the readers to contemplate over their surroundings in any solitary moment, or let alone the surroundings; reflect upon your own bodily functions. It is said that the largest factory operates within human body itself.

Skip one or two heartbeats and the mighty human body are sprawled across the floor within two seconds. Consider the process of childbirth, which could be easily contrasted with the animal state of humanity. A few hours short of sleep make you have blurred vision, severe headaches, and abnormal cognition. Now, think about your Lord.

“..No slumber can seize Him Nor Sleep..”

Purpose of Creation:

Despite all these clues of the utter uncertainty of life, humanity was made by Allah (SWT) with a purpose. The purpose has been defined repeatedly by the scriptures. Allah and His Messengers brought about the Books and Divine warnings about the human behavior. Their basic purpose is to align behavior with these commandments. Once done, the life then puts on further questions upon human soul which then seeks to attain peace with the desire of self-actualization. The central point is to identify the purpose, come around with the terms provided and then move ahead with careful steps.

It has been noted over and over, that many individuals who acknowledge certain goals in their lives, for instance, becoming a doctor or an engineer or a renowned teacher, still feel satisfaction amiss within their being once targets acquired. The dreams of making enough wealth, earning reputation and acquiring degree do not always quench the thirst of self-esteem. The souls are still empty, searching vigorously for peace and contentment. This void is highly discomforting, causing anxiety, depression and lack of motivation for perfectly wired human beings.

What should be done in such situations?

•      Supplicate- keep on doing that!

The answer to this question is vast and varied. But in a nutshell, one needs to seek help from the Word of Allah. The biggest Scholar and Psychiatrist will then aid you towards bliss and tranquility. However, the first step is to be taken by you! Seek Him for guidance, Ask Him to have mercy on your melancholic state. Although He is aware, still, let Him be known that you are worthless soul pleading for His assistance. He is the Being who listens to the silent whispers and forgives on the slightest hint of a tear in your eye. The question is to implore!

All the haughtiness of human being is lost when they acknowledge their true worth. You and I are as insignificant as dust particles, weighed against His enormous universe and thousands of galaxies. We need concrete evidence to present to Him on Day of Judgment so He would let us enter His fabulous gardens. Now the point arrives to define the track that needs to be taken.

•      Set your goals for Akhirah:

Each human being is assigned with the responsibility of their self and those under them. A parent is responsible for his child and a leader is responsible for his nation. No one could ever be at peace when they are not fulfilling their prescribed responsibilities in the defined conduct. The Omni-Present holds a complete record of all affairs taken by His slaves and would interrogate all, very soon.

•      Use your skills – proceed with your knowledge:

Once, you have fulfilled the designated tasks, it is then the time to move forth and employ your talents. Each person amongst us has been provided with some exceptional present from their Lord. Make sure that you identify the instruments you are gifted and then let the world facilitate them. However, under this entire talent-hunt struggle; make sure that you use your skills for the sake of religion as it is our prime responsibility. Gain enough knowledge about religion and then exploit your aptitude by letting the world gain awareness about our religion.

The current state of Ummah:

Muslim Ummah is in a sorry state whereby they are utterly being scorned by the rest of the world. The whole Muslim populace holds the charge of rectifying the image of Islam. Each individual of the Muslim Ummah holds the equal responsibility to let the world know about their stance and how they are the victims. Allah SWT would only aid people who are willing to conduct labor for themselves. Let the world be known that Muslims are one of a kind and nowhere less in stature than people from other religions.

Sum of the matter:

The fact of human insignificance cannot be denied but nothing in this universe has been created without a motive. Contemplation on the universe and the creations within, make us understand that each creation of Allah SWT was made out of reason, the Divine decision of human being to be created as Ashraf Makhlooq, one with intellect and will had a substantial analogy. He aimed at finding out the limits of human obedience.

Thus, let it be drilled into your minds, you and I are of no worth. The worldly degrees and beauty will fade and be useless on the Day the trumpet is blown. What you carry along are your deeds, the thoughts, and inspirations. Make your life valuable by utilizing your powers for Islam all that you have. Remember, a zero when added to some other digit makes the high valued number. So, add more zeros.

Set your priorities straight so your balance would be heavier That Day.

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