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Coming to Terms with Divine Distribution

  • “Oh! I so wanted that position.”
  • “She does not deserve this degree, my friend.”
  • “I could be so happy with all that money.”
  • “Why always me?”

You must have heard some Muslims utter such statements. When people realize that the things which they have been working so hard for are provided to other people, they find it hard to come to terms with that. The envy, hatred and anger overpower their intellect. An underlying issue to such state is the fact that as Muslims we deny to accept the role played by Divine Will in our affairs.

Allah (SWT) clearly states in the Holy Book:

“….Say, "Indeed, [all] bounty is in the hand of Allah - He grants it to whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Wise."

(Surah Aal-e-Imran: 74)

Verse Context:

This verse was revealed at the time when the Jews of Madinah weren’t able to accept the fact that the Last Prophet did not come from amongst them. Arrival of Holy Prophet (PBUH) was from the Arab clan. Foreseeing their power being reduced, they desired to bring down the Muslim community from within. This led them to plot consistently. The surge of hypocrisies and ill-attempts were designed. With the revelation of this verse, Allah (SWT) wanted them to know it was all His planning. He holds supreme authority over whom He showers His grace. Human beings were not given any right to question or reject His distribution.

Present Day Implications:

Similar to all other verses of Quran, this verse holds an important lesson for us. Allah (SWT) singles out for His mercy whom He wills. The prayers that we continue to ask from Him may be answered instantaneously. On another note, they may be answered after a while or not be answered at all. Either ways, it does not justify for a human being to question His Will.

Incalculable Gifts:

His Bounties on mankind are unaccountable. At another place in Quran, Allah (SWT) states:

“And if you should count the favors of Allah, you could not enumerate them. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.”

(Surah An-Nahl: 18)

Our Lord, the Most Merciful unleashed upon His blessings. Each breath that we take, the shelters covering our heads, essentially operating body functions, the loved ones around us – all of these are the bounties that we never asked Him for. None can ever repay His debts. Likewise, for all materialistic and intellectual bounties, The Most Powerful decides the division.

Have we ever wondered, what would do if we weren’t blessed with our eyes? Would we ever be able to function normally? Would we then ask Him for fine looks and a great job?

Action Plan:

The portions of wealth, educational nurture, dwelling locations and family backgrounds are few of the many ingredients that lead human beings to question Allah’s will. Weeping over what has already taken place is the course of unmindful.

A believer maintains firm faith in Allah’s wisdom. He deviates himself from Satanic thoughts. He is assured of the fact that Divine decisions shall always bring him pleasure and bliss. All the disappointment of the world seems to be uncanny when they shall consider the rewards they will be given in Hereafter.

“And seek assistance through patience and prayer…” 

[Surah Al-Baqarah 2:45].

With pleasure, the solution to ordeals of jealous minds is already given in Quran: Prayer and Sabar.

·         Practice Patience: Know that whatever has been provided to you is indeed beneficial for your own sake. We hold no power to snatch away things from other individuals. We hold no authority to question and disregard the Allotment of Allah (SWT). Instead, we must stay there and remain content. Virtues of practicing patience are far more rejoicing than obtaining mere pleasures of the world. The degree, wealth or status that we have been left out from will be last in this World only. Whereas, our patience and faith shall aid us in Hereafter beyond imaginations.

·         Supplication: Dua is the most powerful tool a Muslim is equipped with. A Muslim must make sure they use it wisely. When you find things slipping away from you or there is no chance for you to get them, sit on your prayer mat. Ask Allah (SWT) to get you through. We must ask Him to provide us with the best. Instead of keeping envious eyes on the blessings of other people, we must pour out our feelings to Allah (SWT). We must ask Him to provide us with the best or make the love of those things totter out of our hearts.

A believer makes sure he never utters the phrases of disregard for Allah (SWT). He remains grateful to Him for all that He has bestowed – the things that were asked and the blessings that were never asked for. All along the pathway of coming to terms, the believer ensures he makes productive usage of everything that he has been provided. Rage and jealousy is of no use. A Muslim stands firmly on the faith that there is far better in store for him.

May Allah (SWT) enable us all to practice such level of patience, perserverance and faith. Ameen.

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